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    Motorcycle Parts

    Leatherup.com Trusted By 3.5 Million Customers Since 1999 - Buy With Confidence

    LeatherUp has the largest selection of many different types of OEM and Aftermarket motorcycle parts, such as motorcycle seats, mirrors, exhausts, intakes and air filters, batteries, windshields and more. We carry all of the best brands at the guaranteed lowest prices online. Start browsing our collection of motorcycle parts now, and once you find that perfect accessory you can be on your way to customizing your bike to truly make it your own

    OEM Vs. Aftermarket

    Before you purchase anything for your bike from LeatherUp, whether it be a replacement tire or a new exhaust, make sure that you first know the difference between OEM and Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts.

    What do we mean when we say OEM Motorcycle Parts?

    OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer," and means that the parts have the exact same specifications, sizing and quality as the original parts found on your motorcycle. If you're looking for the exact same handlebar that came with your bike when it first rolled off the production line, then an OEM part is exactly what you're looking for. It's important to note, however, that just because an OEM part was made specifically for your bike and is identical to the original part, it doesn't mean that the part itself was made by your motorcycle's manufacturer. For example: Harley-Davidson tires are made by Dunlop and not directly made by Harley-Davidson themselves.

    Why should you buy OEM Motorcycle Parts?

    Most people that want to buy OEM parts are looking for an exact, model-specific replacement part for their motorcycle. While we carry some OEM here, for the most part you will have to deal directly with the manufacturer or a licensed dealer. OEM is generally more expensive than Aftermarket, but that higher price does not always mean higher quality.

    What are Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts?

    Aftermarket parts for your bike don't carry the official name-brand logo or guarantee as your motorcycle's manufacturer, and while some are bike-specific, other parts will fit and work on a great number of different motorcycles. Aftermarket bike parts are made by any number of manufacturers, but they must still meet certain criteria and safety standards to be sold as anything other than novelty items.

    Why should you buy Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts?

    Aftermarket is easily the best way for riders to customize their motorcycle's look and update its performance. Buying an Aftermarket motorcycle exhaust, for example, could lead to a dramatic improvement in performance and acceleration. An Aftermarket side mirror, on the other hand, might just give you the kind of style and class you want but couldn't quite perfect using OEM parts. Aftermarket motorcycle parts are generally less expensive than OEM, though there are some specialty and performance items than can be more expensive than simple, exact replacement parts from the original manufacturer of your motorcycle.