About Milwaukee Leather Apparel with Cool-Tec

 Milwaukee Leather and TFL Cool-Tec Technology Provides You with a Garment That Allows You to Feel and Be Comfortable During a Hot Day.

How does it Work ?
TFL Cool-Tec Is The First Technology Offered To The Leather Industry, Which Is Able To Restrict The Rise Of Temperature On The Leather Surface When Colored Leather Is Exposed To Sun Radiation. The Most Significant Effect Can Be Reached With Black And Dark Shades.
Exclusive and only Found with Milwaukee Leather Apparel.
Why did we add Cool-Tec ?
Imagine Riding Your Motorcycle on A Hot Summer Day and The Heat Makes Wearing Your Leather Unbearable. The Solution to This All-Too-Familiar Scenario Is Cool-Tec, A Leather Treatment Designed to Keep Your Body 20-30 Degrees Fahrenheit Cooler Than the Outside Temperature. Cool-Tec Does Not Absorb NIR (Near Infrared Radiation) Rays, But Reflects Them Instead. As A Result, Especially Darker Surfaces Will Heat Up Much Less. Dark Leather Treated with Cool-Tec Reflects About 70% Of Sunlight Compared To 8% For Conventional Dark Leather.

The Result is Cool Rides in the Sun which means Less Fatigue, More Comfort While Riding and Coolness All Around.

Info Graph with Cool-Tec
  • Dark Leather Treated with TFL COOL TEC Reflects About 70 % Of the Sunlight Compared To 8 % Of Conventional Dark Leather
  • Less Heating Up of Dark Leather Color
  • The Temperature on Black Leathers Stays up to 68° F Lower
  • Improved Thermal Comfort
  • Allows Black Leather Gear to be Worn During Hot Summer Days

The system is based on a sun reflective technology where energy is reflected in the invisible part of the solar spectrum. That means black COOL leathers reflect the sunlight like white colored ones. 

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