GloveTacts Frequently Asked Questions

How to install

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How do GloveTacts work?

Most smart devices have capacitive screen technology, which uses the human body conductivity to detect minute current changes, which are then registered by the device as inputs. GloveTacts are made of materials that mimic our own body’s conductivity, so the effect of using GloveTacs to control the device is no different than using our own skin.

Do GloveTacts need to make skin contact?

No, GloveTacts provide conductivity without the need for skin contact.

How long do they last?

GloveTacts usable life will depend on the gloves, use and environment. Conductivity is unlikely to stop but the supporting film may wear out overtime.

Why are GloveTacts available in black only?

The color is conditioned by the use of carbon microfibers that provide conductivity. Color variations negatively affect the material conductivity.

Do gloves have to be new to work with GloveTacts?

No, any glove will work, though a dirty or greasy glove may not provide the best surface for the adhesive to attach to.

Will GloveTacts work with my device?

They will work with any device that has a capacitive screen or surface.

Will GloveTacts work with my gloves?

In all likelihood, yes. Our only concern is with the material to which the GloveTacts will attach to. Cotton, wool, leather, man-made leather, synthetics, lycra and most man made fibers present no problem. Silicone surfaces do not allow the adhesive adhesion, but if there are other materials surrounding the silicone GloveTacts will attach.

How sensitive are GloveTacts?

GloveTacts mimic our skin’s conductivity. You’ll be able to perform any task as you would without gloves on.

My gloves are heavily insulated, how will GloveTacts work with them?

Insulated gloves will work just fine, but depending on the thickness of your glove you may have to slow down your actions to increase accuracy. We provide a set of large contacts for insulated gloves.

Will they work cold? Wet?

The operating temperature range of GloveTacts is from -4F/-20C to 113F/45C and they will work wet. Humidity or wetness don’t affect their conductivity but a dry screen will provide more consistency. A very hot environment may affect the adhesive performance increasing tackiness which may result in the contacts moving.

When should I use the small or large contacts?

Non-insulated gloves should work with the smaller GloveTacts, while insulated ones will better perform with the larger ones. If you find the small GloveTacts don’t provide consistent touch, use the large ones.

Large contacts can be split into two pieces to make 2 small ones from each large one.