Daytona Chrome Finish Facts

Chrome Facts

Chrome-  Real vs. Imitation

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Real Chrome
1. Cost Much More To Process                          1. Inexpensive
2. 3 Layers Of Metal 2. Vapor Film
3. Virtually Scratch Resistant 3. Easily Scratches

4. Deep, Rich Shine

4. Dull Finish

We Use the Same Chrome That You Will Find On Your Motorcycle. This Chrome Has Been Proven To Last Longer Than Imitation Chrome. The Reason Real Chrome Cost So Much More Is That It Goes Through A Multiple Metal Dipping Process. First Nickel, Then Copper And Last Chrome. As You Can Imagine, This Is A Lengthy Process But The End Result Speaks For Itself - A Thick, Hard Coat Of Metal With Deep Rich Shine Virtually Scratch Resistant, Whereas Most Other Helmet Manufacturers Use A Process Called Vacuum Metallization. This Is By Far the Fast, Inexpensive Way To Achieve The Appearance Of Real Chrome At A Fraction Of The Cost.

This Process Is Simple, Done By Applying A thin Film Of Chrome Vapors Onto The Shell. At First, The Results May Appear The Same But Will, In Fact, Tremendously Vary. What You End Up With Is A Much Thinner Single Layer Of Chrome That Will Easily Scratch, Flake Or Fade With Wear.

Now that you know all chrome is not alike, which would you prefer?

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