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Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner Digital Fuel Processor for 2012 Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycles

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Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner Digital Fuel Processor for 2012 Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycles

With Cobra's Fi2000 PowrPro tuner installed on your bike, you have your own personal built-in dyno that analyzes your bike's performance, and constantly tunes the air/fuel ratio for ideal EFI delivery and optimum performance. And with the speed of today's microprocessors, it tunes on every squirt of the injectors. It's like having the best custom map-writing software and a dyno operator tuning your fuel delivery 80 times a second, every time you crank open the throttle.

It provides perfect fuel settings under all existing environmental conditions, under every kind of load and with any exhaust system or engine modifications. And no matter which components you change in the future, whether it's a new exhaust system, a free-flowing air filter setup or even a big-bore hop-up kit with new camshafts, the Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro continues to analyze and tune your engine for peak performance to deliver maximum acceleration.

It is plug-in performance; just hook it up to your bike and immediately enjoy improved power beginning with the first time you twist the throttle.

*NOTE - The Fi2000 PowrPro is not legal for street use in California.


2012 Harley Davidson Softail Models
Item Details
  • New patented technology unlike any other auto tune system on the market
  • Tunes to exactly what air-fuel mixture creates the maximum power 80 times per second (not to some arbitrary AFR someone has picked).
  • It’s like having the best custom map writing, dyno operator tuning your fuel every time you crank the throttle
  • Tunes every gear, every roll on, every enviromental change, every engine mod, lugging the engine, winding it out to redline: it reacts, verifies and adjusts
  • No dyno testing to determine the right map
  • No external adjustments needed
  • No confusing computer-mapping downloads to select and install
  • No welding hassles with O2 sensors or costly pipe changes
  • No additional components needed
  • Cobra Part Number: 692-1617AT

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