LeatherUp VIP Vip Club Membership
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LeatherUp.com Riders Yearly VIP Club Membership
LeatherUp.com Riders Yearly VIP Club Membership
Price: $19.95
LeatherUp.com Riders VIP Club Membership
First, Purchase the VIP membership ; It is activated almost immediately after purchase. (This will avoid Multiple Authorizations from Taking place on your credit card if you purchase the VIP membership at once).

Then place your order for the items you wish and receive the VIP membership discounts and benefits.

Purchase a membership to the VIP club and save instantly. You'll obtain access to the following VIP Club Member benefits:

  • 15% off Selected Brands

  • Exclusive closeout offers first

  • Private member-only sales

  • Free shipping on orders over $ 39.95 *

  • Cash back rewards credits on qualified brands.

*Your yearly VIP Club membership renews automatically each year from date of purchase, unless you cancel prior to the years end. (A renewal reminder will be sent to you one month prior to your membership expiration date.) You may cancel anytime before the next billing period begins. Sorry, no refunds after your credit card has been charged and the VIP has been used. Please see the Full Terms and Conditions Here
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