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Arai Helmets are made by Arai Helmet LTD, a Japanese company that designs and manufactures motorcycle helmets. Arai Helmet LTD is a family-owned company founded in 1926 by Hirotake Arai, a hatmaker and a motorcycle enthusiast. In its early days, Arai Helmet LTD made helmets for construction workers. Today, the company is a global manufacturer that makes helmets that meet international and local safety standards. Arai introduced the first Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) helmets in Japan, for which the company received a Japanese license for commercial manufacturing of motorcycle helmets.

Helmets: Quality and Craftsmanship

Arai motorcycle helmets are high-end, of the highest quality. Arai was the first motorcycle helmet company that offered 5-year warranty for its products. Every Arai helmet is handmade and undergoes three quality-control levels: one after the shell is ready, one after painting, and one after the final assembly. After a helmet is complete, it goes through a five-point laser scanning system and a CAD/CAM software. Arai factory craftsmen sign the inside of the helmets they help creating--a sign of pride that guarantees that every helmet is given the same carefull attention to detail. Arai uses Structural Net Composite (SNC) construction in helmet manufacturing. SNC extends impact tolerance and lowers the weight of motorcycle helmets.

Few motorcycle helmet manufacturers offer helmets in more than one shape. Arai helmets come in three different shell shapes--round oval, long oval, and the intermediate oval. The long oval shells are meant for people with heads that have longer front to back and are narrower side to side. The round oval is for heads that are about equal front to back and side to side. The intermediate oval is for those that fall in between. Most models of Arai are full-face helmets, though they also make open-face and motocross helmets. Arai helmet line consists of the Classic M, Quantum 2, SZ Ram 3, RX-7 Corsair, New XD, Profile, SZ/m, Vector, VX-Pro, VX-Pro 3, and the Vector.

Arai helmets have been ranked number one in customer satisfaction in all studies by J.D Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction. In these studies, Arai helmets ranked first, or were tied for first, in Styling, Ventilation, and Overall Satisfaction.

Arai helmets have minor drawbacks such as the small top vent switches that are difficult to open and close when wearing gloves during the winter. Another drawback is that the visors on some of the models is difficult to remove. But again these are minor problems--Arai helmets are well-built, look impressive, and fit nicely to most people.


Arai helmets are high-end, high-quality products and their price reflects that. Most Arai helmets cost between $450 to well over $600. Remember that you are buying superior protection and comfort. If you are not ready to spend for an Arai helmet, check Shoei helmets which are a little less expensive and are comparable to Arai.

Arai Helmets in Racing Sports

Arai helmets are preferred by a number of leading MotoGP racers, including Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa. Arai also makes helmets for Formula 1. The Arai GP-6 RC, approved by FIA, is worn by many Formula 1 drivers.

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