The Bell Helmets Story

In 1955 a guy named Cal Niday plowed into the retaining wall during the Indianapolis 500 and the first Bell comeback was officially underway. The impact fractured his skull, but one of Bell's helmets saved his life.

Cal returned to racing a few months later. Bell's been engineering spectacular comebacks ever since. From a dirt track low-side, to a grand prix high-side, to the father of extreme sports rag-dolling across the Caesar's Palace parking lot, Bell Helmets were there when the world's best riders went down. And with innovations like energy absorbing liners, the first full-face motorcycle helmet, and more design patents than any helmet company in history, Bell's always been there to help them get back up again.

Over the years Bell has earned enough to trust to make our name synonymous with motorcycle helmets. In fact, you didn't have a helmet you had a Bell. In motor cross alone, nearly every racing hero has worn a Bell during their career, including modern day champions like Jeremy McGrath and Mike Metzger.

Today Bell is fully rededicated to the world of motorcycle helmets. The spirit of invention born in the garage behind Roy Richter's old Bell Auto Parts store is alive and kicking at our state-of-the-art- Santa Cruz research and design lab.

And unofficial sponsor of the many pro's who secretly refuse to wear anything but a Bell.

Welcome to Bell's latest comeback. It's definitely won't be our last.

Bell manufacturers a variety of helmets at different price points with different features.

All helmets distributed by Bell meet or exceed the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standard No. 218 ("Dot Safety Standard"). Most helmets sold by Bell also meet the Snell Memorial Foundation ("Snell") M2005 Standard. Depending on the type of crash you are in, a helmet certified to meet only the Snell M2000 may provide protection that a helmet certified to meet only the DOT Safety Standard does not provide. Bell recommends you purchase and wear the helmet which provides the greatest amount of coverage and the best impact protection for your intended uses.

While a Bell helmet provides significant protection, it cannot provide total protection from all foreseeable impacts. Please exercise care and good judgment whenever you ride and comply with all applicable regulations so as to avoid accidents of any kind. All models, styles and colors may not be available in all markets. We reserve the right to change model specifications at any time.

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