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Here's your chance to enter to Win the Helmet that Won Dakar!

The race to end all races is back! Dakar is without a doubt one of the toughest, most intense races of any kind, and it's happening now!

What does this mean for all of you who aren't taking part in this grueling competition, though? Well, it means it's time for a giveaway! Thanks to the awesome team over at LS2 Helmets -- the team whose helmets were worn by Dakar '13's champions -- we have 5 helmets from LS2 to giveaway to some of our biggest fans!

LS2 Helmets is without a doubt one of the biggest up-and-coming companies in motorcycle gear and apparel, and they've already broken unto the scene in a big way with the world's first SNELL-approved modular helmet, in addition to offering the helmets worn by racing champions from literally all over the world. LS2 Helmets isn't just a sponsor and gear provider, though. This year they've introduced the all new LS2 RALLY TEAM, which is the largest team ever formed for a Dakar competition. With over 100 quad and motorcycle riders from over 20 different countries, LS2 is truly a universal company with universal appeal. That's why we're so proud to offer their helmets in our online store, and that's why we can't wait to give away 5 of their amazing helmets to you guys and gals!

The first helmet we'll be giving away is the MX456. This helmet from LS2 is not a look-alike. This is the actual helmet being worn by every member of the LS2 RAllY TEAM for Dakar 2014! A real, tough and rugged helmet meant for anyone who demands the absolute best in riding safety, technology and comfort. If this helmet can keep a rider safe and comfortable in the roughest environments on earth, just think how great it will be for protecting you at home and in your back yard. Made of a pure fiberglass construction, the MX456 also features a removable interior liner, which absorbs, stores and then releases excess heat. This really is the perfect helmet for everyone -- regardless of whether you're a weekend racer or professional trailblazer.

All you have to do to have a chance at winning this first of 5 helmets is use the widget below to follow LS2 and us on Facebook and Twitter! Be sure to use the widget below to follow us and LS2, that way we can track your entry into the contest! You're free to enter once a day for each of the 5 helmets we giveaway, and each day will be a little different for how you can enter to win, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Well, what are you waiting for? Just use the widget above, follow us and LS2 on Facebook and Twitter and get your first chance to win done already!

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