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Xelement Men's 2 Piece Black and Red Motorcycle Rainsuit With Boot Strap
Great suit for the price. It is a heavy duty rain suit. Heavy duty also means takes up quite a bit of space so make sure you are prepared to give up a saddle bag to carry this along.
Dan C.
Joe Rocket 'Phoenix 5.0' Mens Black Mesh Motorcycle Jacket
I love this jacket. I have two pairs.. one in china and one in the US. They hold up very well and adjust perfectly.
Dan C.
T-Bags LoneStar Touring Travel Bag Set (with Top Net and Top Roll)
Ordered it to use with my Indian Chieftain. The bag is really well made and perfect for long rides. However I did have to modify the sissy bar mounting band on the bag. My silly bar back rest is really wide, and the mounting band will not slip over it. I cut the band in half and had Velcro straps sewn on so it is easier to mount. (Other wise I would have needed to unscrew the pad if I wanted to use the mounting band.)
Dan C.
HJC IS-2 Blossom MC-5 Womens Half Helmet
I bought this helmet for my wife. She loves the fit, comfort, finish and the flip up / down visor.
michael y.
Xelement Men's 2 Piece Black and Yellow Motorcycle Rainsuit
I have ordered from leatherup a few times before and this is the first time that I have not been completely satisfied with my purchase. I ordered some rain gear (RN4782-Rain-Gear) and I have worn it twice. The first time it was a light rain and I was not out in it all that long so I was very dry. The second time I had a medium downpour and I rode about a half hour in it and I had several areas that were very wet. A few places up around my chest were very wet, the outside edges of the seat of my pants was very wet and my legs around my waterproof boots were wet. Not what was inside my boots but above that. Also I could feel it gradually getting wetter as I rode so I think it just eventually soaked through instead of there being an actual leak. Thankfully the waterproof pocket on my leg was dry because I had entrusted my cell phone to that but never again. It was a great price for the two piece rain suit and now I am wondering if it was too good of a price. I was very excited to get it and believed I had a really quality product in my hands at the time but since using it I have to say I am very disappointed.
Michael H.
Leather Men's Side Lace Vest
I ordered this vest and at first all was well, but after a few rides, the snaps kept popping open and eventually broke off when using extenders. The leather was fine, but the snaps were not.
David E.
Xelement Men's Crest Tri-tex/Mesh Armored Motorcycle Jacket
Nice looks well made more for early spring late fall sturdy construction as all my purchases from your store I am quite satisfied with my purchase
dennis d.
Xelement Women's Zipper Harness Motorcycle Boot
I would love to have been able to keep these boots!! I slipped my foot in there and I could tell right away that they were well made, made to last. The only thing that kept me from keeping them was that they were much bigger than I expected. I am normally a size 10 (woman) but these boots seemed so big I wasn't sure if I should have exchanged them for a 9 or a 9 1/2. The shipping that I had to pay to get these boots back to the company was about 25% of the cost of the boot so I wasn't about to try again.
Leslie B.
Bell Mag-9 Sena Black Open Face Helmet
nice helmet excellent features
alan b.
Outlaw True Love with Visor Black Motorcycle Half Helmet
Cannot be beat for the price. Dual visor is a little small for my taste, but overall it fits great and has been holding up well. I do dislike the retention system, however after a week or two, I have gotten used to it.
Jacob S.
Dragonfly Roadhouse Freedom To Ride Black Button up Short Sleeve Shirt
Dragonfly shirts are quality shirts. I just wish they would come up with some more selections because I already own most that they have to choose from. I am always please with them.
Randy S.
Pinetop, AZ
Outlaw Solid Flat Black Half Helmet
Great helmet, doesn't push back with the wind. Fits good too.
Robert L.
Xelement Men's 2 Piece Black and Yellow Motorcycle Rainsuit
I purchased this for a river rafting trip to keep me dry. It worked very well concidering I was in cold Idaho River water most of the day. I ordered a small knowing I was not going to wear a heavy jacket underneath. I am 5'11" tall and weigh 180. The jacket was perfect with no restrictions in movement and the pants were a little baggy for what I used this for. This in an excellent product for the money! Hope this helps. G.
greg f.
Outlaw V5-05 Flat Black with Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet
Great Light wieght helmet. I hardly can tell I have a helmet on. The pull down visor might as well not be there. It does not come down far enough to be usefull. Over all a good helmet. Next time I would buy without pull down visor.
Eli G.
Bristol, VT
Adjustable Waterproof Motorcycle/Bicycle Smartphone Mount
I suppose the hardest part about designing these is the universal nature, trying to fit a wide variety of phones and other devices. The mount works fine and I have not had a problem with the clip detaching as described in some of these reviews. But i score it low due to the my difficulty using my mobile device while in the case. It is nearly unusable for me, as maybe 40% of the time, I can get my touch screen to respond through the cover. I'm using an iphone 6, which has a great touch screen, so I don't think it's my phone. Also, the case is so "sloppy" regarding fit that I basically have to disconnect the case from the mount to interact with the phone at all. It surely will keep the phone dry and safe, but if I can't use it in place, my saddlebag can keep it dry and safe as well.
David S.
DOT Outlaw Solid Carbon Half Helmet
Great fitting, great looking helmet. This is my second Outlaw helmet, and I am happy with the fit and comfort of this one as well. My only complaint is the length of the strap is really quite ridiculously long. Even with the snap in place , I have about 4 inches of loop sticking down. It doesn't seem to flap or rub, so I don't think it will be an issue. My previous Outlaw helmet had no such issue. I would think the strap length wold vary with the helmet size, so my medium helmet would have an adequate strap to fit a guy that wears a medium helmet rather than a strap long enough to fit a grizzly bear. Other than the strap, it's a five out of five in every category.
David S.
Xelement FX Glossy Black Modular Helmet
at first i bought 2 white an black ones for myself ,i was very happy with the way they looked an they were very comfortable i wear a half helmet all the time but i like the way these felt, showed them to my son an son-in law they both fell in love with them so i bought 2 more for gifts for them . very pleased.
charlie h.
cosby, TN
Fly Racing Medium Tank Bag with Strap Base
Good tank bag with lots of compartments and a large map pocket. However, the straps are just way to short to secure around my tank. I'm not going to pay the cost of shipping the item back so I'm going to have to do some serious modifying in order to use this bag as its intended. To bad. Longer straps would have been a very easy and fairly cheap way to make this bag a really great deal. I'm disappointed that its going to take some work, but in the end, I'll have a pretty nice tank bag.
lance m.
White Cloud, MI
Outlaw V5-05 Flat Black with Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet
Received it quickly and have been very pleased with the helmet. The quick release buckle is great. The sunshield works well, though it lets a little too much airflow behind it. I haven't had it long enough to judge the durability yet. Overall a great helmet.
Brian S.
Fly Racing M16 Men's Black Waterproof Riding Shoes
I'm pretty pleased with the new kicks. They fit fairly well and aren't hard to walk in. The sole is stiff enough that I can easily get my CB 750 up on its center stand (its not light). I get a lot of comments on the shoes themselves. They have that old-school converse feel to them which plays well with the mid-thirties and younger crowd. They could probably use some custom insoles for maximum comfort but so far it hasn't been necessary. They appear to be really well made. The only complaint I have to this point is that the high-top is stiff and initially caused some chaffing on my upper ankle. They seem to have broken in since. I have no idea how they will do in the rain. My guess is that in light rain with slight to moderate amounts of spray coming off the road, they'll do just fine. In a deluge I wouldn't count on them to stay dry.
lance m.
White Cloud, MI
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