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Xelement Invasion Men's Red/Black Mesh Armored Motorcycle Jacket with Gun Pocket
Not bad jacket! Fit was nice but bought other items that needed to be returned. Didn't go so well. Refund took weeks and only after several phone calls did I get my refund on their mistake! Warning! Buyer be ware! Make sure of your size and make sure you really want it.
Mark S.
Xelement Men's Throttle Dark Blue Denim Armored Motorcycle Pants
Bet they don't post this! Second time trying! Buyers! Make sure this is what you want. Refunds take forever- even if it was their mistake. Won't be making any more purchases from them!
Mark S.
HJC CL-17 Metallic Wine Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
Sent wrong helmet and took a lot to get a refund! Their mistake not mine! FYI these helmets run big! Buyer be ware when shopping with them.
Mark S.
Xelement VP-9150 Eagle Head and American Flag Leather Vest with Concealed Gun Pocket
Looks great, Patch's are better than expected. Good quality. The 40 SW fits the gun pocket just right.
Bob J.
HJC SY-MAX III Black Modular Helmet
Well designed overall. Modular mechanics feel solid, compared to cheaper brands. Yes, this modular is a bit noisier than my standard full helmet, and yes it is a little more drafty, but I expect those are characteristics of modulars. That's the feature I wanted, the flip-up, and I like my HJC half helmet, so I'm trying this model. Chin strap will take a little to get used to. I plan to purchase an anti fog lens insert at some point.
Kenyon C.
Xelement Men's Tactical 6in. High Engineer Boots
These were great fit and very comfortable. Would recommend them to a freind
Steven L.
Xelement 'CF-511' Mens Black Sports Armored Mesh Jacket
The jacket was perfect for my riding needs. It is very comfortable, breathable, and safe. I like the fact that the sizing chart was there and gave a very accurate guide. Very happy with the level 3 armor and I can still move freely when needed with comfort. For the price, comfort, and safety, I definitely recommend this jacket to anyone!
Lawrence Y.
Rutland, VT
DOT Solid Glossy Black Half Helmet
Helmet sizing chart was on the spot. Glossy finish looks nice while the price fits the bill. The strap can take a bit more time to secure opposed to snap clamp, but overall a great fit. I would definitely recommend this helmet!
Lawrence Y.
Rutland, VT
Xelement Transport Black Helmet with Air Pump Comfort System
love this helmet, fit great!
retta s.
Hawk EVX 9000 Matte Black Modular Helmet
Its a great buy for the price. It needs more cushion in the inside, works well. i bought a XL i shoulkd have gotten an XXL but it cool. If i buy another one will buy the next verison up.
Roderick F.
Xelement Men's Classic Fitted Leather Pants
I purchased one each of these pants (Classic Fitted) and the Classic Loose Fit. I wear a 38 inch waist normally and ordered a 40 in both pair of leather pants. The fit was just fine for both. The difference I found in these two pants is the height of the waist. The Classic Loose Fit has the higher waist. I like the higher waist better, but I know others may like the lower waist (Classic Fitted) better. Maybe this will help someone trying to decide which of these two pants to order.
James S.
Ochelata, OK
Xelement Men's Classic Loose Fit Leather Pants
The pants are quite nice. I normally wear a 38 inch waist size and ordered a 40. They fit very well. I can't find any flaws in the leather. Nice pants at a great price.
James S.
Ochelata, OK
Xelement Unisex Classic Motorcycle Leather Chaps
The quality seems really nice. The long zippers are heavy weight and zip easily. I am a pretty thin dude and the legs are really snug. If you have larger legs or are a bigger guy get a bigger size.
Richard M.
Xelement Men's Classic Loose Fit Leather Pants
Love the pants. My first pair of leather pants and I can't believe I've ridden for 40 years wearing chaps in cooler weather. I was really surprised at the difference they make. Without the wind blowing through my jeans, my entire body felt warmer. The price was good and the fit is very good. The only negative is the depth of the front pockets. My arm goes almost to the elbow when trying to get something out of the pockets.
David S.
Milford, PA
Mustang Vintage Sport Touring 2-Piece Seat for Honda 2002-08 VTX1800C
Quality seat. Was skeptical of buying a high dollar seat. Was well with the money. Very comfortable and a great value from LeatherUp. Best price on the internet. Only regret was not getting the one with the backrest, but that would have been more than I wanted to spend. Had to fight it on the first time but great afterward. If you are on the fence I would say bite the bullet and try it. Am very happy with it overall. Quick shipping and great service as usual from LeatherUp. You guys are great!!!
Chris C.
Xelement 'CF-509' Mens Black/Yellow Sports Armored Mesh Jacket
I have had the jacket for a few weeks now during 100 degree weather and also 80s and 90s. Another reviewer mentioned that the back armor, pad, makes you sweat under it and I found the same, so I took the pad out. All the pads are in pockets and made to be removed for washing and such, no problem. I am 230 lbs, medium gut, and the 2XL fit well, a size larger than I usually wear in other clothing/jackets. It is a hot weather jacket so wearing sweats and heavy clothing under it is silly. Wear a different jacket if that is what you want. A long sleeve T shirt is just about the most you will ever want with this. It does let the air flow very well yet still gives enough protection from sun, wind, flying debris and bugs to be a real comfort. Armor? Who needs armor if you never fall down? Still there is some in this coat just in case you discover you are mistaken. Standing still at stop lights in 100 degree weather is not great fun but as soon as you get moving, it is party time! I also found that because it is all synthetic mesh with no "insulation" for true air conditioned comfort, take your garden hose and spray it down before you put it on. You will be cool as a cucumber for as long as it takes to dry out. Does no damage to the jacket and you can repeat the process or just dump a bottle of water on yourself whenever you start getting a little too warm. Works like magic. There has been mention about the snaps on the sleeves breaking. I tried adjusting a couple once and found that it did not produce any bennefit so I just decided not to mess with them and leave well enough alone, so no problem there. The interior chest pocket has been mentioned in other reviews as being a messy problem with the Velcro sticking to everything. When I looked at the jacket for the first time, I realized that it was more of a pain in the A-- than it was worth so I carefully removed the Velcro by cutting the stitching. It was easy to do as the stitching is pretty funky anyway, and the little patch of Velcro came right off, clean. The pocket works fine in any case unless you are standing on your head. Then you might have more than a little pocket problem. The main zipper and the exterior pocket zips are all robust looking and work well. When you hold the jacket up to the sun or a bright light, you can see light right through it. The fabric feels a little stretchy, I think due to the loose weave. There is a very light weight lining throughout that aids with comfort yet it is rather delicate, I think. Over all, a great jacket for the intended use, at a great price. You will love it.
Beau S.
USA 1205 Leather Men's Combat Gun Pocket Vest
I'm 5' 7 1/2" 200 lbs. and ordered XL. Got a little belly here so the vest is still a little snug but I will still be able to wear a sweatshirt under it. The finish on this vest is better than I expected and the leather is plenty thick. My LC9 fits perfectly along with a spare clip and there is a left side gun pocket and clip holder to boot! I don't think you will find a bettter quality vest at this price, or any other price for that matter. I have ordered many items including jackets, boots, gloves and helmets from Leatherup and haven't been disappointed yet.
Glenn T.
Xelement CF-330 Mens Grey Leather/Fabric Motorcycle Jacket
Excellent jacket for the price. Nice and warm in cold weather. I like it so much that I bought another one.
Russell A.
Xelement Men's Classic Fitted Leather Pants
I purchased the men's leather pants classic fit for under $100.00 ....these are terrific. Went with one size larger and they fit perfect. My normal jean size is 32x32 so I bought the 34x33. You can't go wrong with these pants...fit and quality are superior. Delivered very quickly. Leather up is always great to do business with.
Anthony E.
South Williamsport, PA
Vulcan Men's Velocity Sport Boot
Great boots for the price. Fit perfectly in my normal size.
Dwight D.
Bloomington, IN
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