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S&S Super Stock Alternator Style Crankcase for Harley Davidson 1984-91 Evolution Big Twin models

by S and S Cycle
S&S Super Stock Alternator Style Crankcase for Harley Davidson 1984-91 Evolution Big Twin models

Item Description

S&S Super Stock Alternator Style Crankcase for Harley Davidson 1984-91 Evolution Big Twin models

- Accepts 84-91 style oil pumps
- 84-91 cases differ from the 92-99 only in the oil pump mounting bolt pattrn

Bike Fitments:
1985 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide
1987-1991 Harley Davidson FLHS Electra Glide Sport
1986-1987 Harley Davidson FLHT Electra Glide Standard
1984-1991 Harley Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide Classic
1984-1991 Harley Davidson FLHTCI Electra Glide Classic
1989-1991 Harley Davidson FLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic
1989-1991 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic
1985 Harley Davidson FLHX Electra Glide Special
1986-1990 Harley Davidson FLST Heritage Softail
1986-1990 Harley Davidson FLSTI Heritage Softail
1988-1991 Harley Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic
1989-1991 Harley Davidson FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic
1990-1991 Harley Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy
1990-1991 Harley Davidson FLSTFI Fat Boy
1984-1991 Harley Davidson FLTC Tour Glide Classic
1984-1991 Harley Davidson FLTCI Tour Glide Classic
1989-1991 Harley Davidson FLTCU Tour Glide Ultra Classic
1989-1991 Harley Davidson FLTCUI Tour Glide Ultra Classic
1991 Harley Davidson FXDB-S Dyna Glide Sturgis
1985 Harley Davidson FXEF Fat Bob
1987-1991 Harley Davidson FXLR Low Rider Custom
1986-1991 Harley Davidson FXR Super Glide II
1985-1987 Harley Davidson FXRC Low Rider Chrome
1986 Harley Davidson FXRD Sport Glide Grand Touring
1984 Harley Davidson FXRDG Disc Glide
1984-1991 Harley Davidson FXRS Low Glide
1990-1991 Harley Davidson FXRS-Conv Low Rider Sport Convertible
1986-1991 Harley Davidson FXRS-SP Low Rider Sport
1984-1991 Harley Davidson FXRT Sport Glide
1985 Harley Davidson FXSB Low Rider - Belt
1984-1990 Harley Davidson FXST Softail Standard
1984-1990 Harley Davidson FXSTI Softail Standard
1986-1991 Harley Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom
1986-1991 Harley Davidson FXSTCI Softail Custom
1988-1991 Harley Davidson FXSTS Springer Softail
1988-1991 Harley Davidson FXSTSI Springer Softail
1985-1986 Harley Davidson FXWG Wide Glide
Country Of Origin: Imported

Item Details

  • Machined to accept the stock oil filter assembly introduced on some 1992 model Big Twins. This convenient, accessible location can be utilized to simplify installation of an oil filter in custom applications
  • Machined to accept 81-91 or 92-99 style oil pumps and are machined for the stock 81-99 style oil distribution system
  • For Evolution style engines, the engine builder has the option of venting the crankcase breather from the crankcase,, through the cylinder heads, or both. It’s recommended using both crankcase breathers in engines of 96in. or larger dispacement. To make this possible in all applications, there are 2 crankcase breather holes available in the rear of S&S alternator crankcases. One is in the stock location and the other is angled down to allow the installation of a crankcase breather fitting in chassis with integral transmission/oil tank
  • S&S Big Twin cases optimize crankcase oil scavenging efficiency by using a ported design breather passageway and a breather window that is machined to maximum timing specification. These features allow the air/oil mist to move smoothly from the flywheel cavity to the gear chest of the engine
  • The return oil pick-up passage to the return side of the oil pump has been relocated in order to avoid the turbulence caused by the oil pump drive gear. This unique design results in greatly improved scavenging of oil from the gear case and virtually eliminates oil carry over at sustained high speeds. S&S Big Twin crankcases for Evolution style engines are not machined with a primary oil scavenge port for drawing oil from a Shovel style primary chain case. If the primary oil sacvenge port is required on an Evolution style crankcase, it can be special ordered

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