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Daytona Twin Tec WEGO III Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) Tuning AIDS

by Daytona Twin Tec
Daytona Twin Tec WEGO III Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) Tuning AIDS

Item Description

Daytona Twin Tec WEGO III Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) Tuning AIDS

Country Of Origin: Imported

Item Details

  • Manufacturer Part No: 112001
  • WEGO III is a fully sealed stand-alone unit with built-in data logging intended for motorcycle applications
  • Complete air/fuel ratio display system with built-in data logging. Includes Bosch LSU4.2 5-wire wide-band oxygen sensor, 18 x 1.5mm weld nut for mounting sensor on exhaust pipe and software on CDROM
  • Versatile tuning aid for all carbureted and fuel injected engines displays air/fuel ratio (AFR) and logs over 2 hours data including AFR, engine RPM and a spare 0-5V analog input for sensors such as throttle position or manifold pressure
  • Can be used for on-road or dyno testing
  • Suitable for automotive, motorcycle and other small engine applications
  • Highly accurate with less than ±0.10AFR error over 10.3-19.5 AFR range
  • Easy free-air calibration procedure corrects for sensor aging effects
  • 0-5V analog AFR output for interface to dyno instrumentation
  • Ultra-bright daylight readable blue L.E.D. display with automatic dimming under low light conditions
  • Wide supply voltage range from 11-16V allows operation from battery on small engines or race vehicles with out an alternator. Current draw is approx. 1 amp
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Fully encapsulated with water-proof L.E.D. display
  • Compact size: 4in.L x 2in.W x 0.5in.H
  • Not legal for sale or use in California, Alaska and Hawaii due to federal anti-tampering laws.

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