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About Nolan Helmets

Nolan Group: Made in Italy

Nolan motorcycle helmets are made by Nolan Group, an Italian helmet manufacturer. The company was founded in 1973 by Lander Nocchi, an entrepreneur in the motorcycle accessory and car accessory sector. Nocchi wanted to make a low-cost, lighter motorcycle helmet, so he bought an innovative lightweight plastic material, Lexan, from which he started to made polycarbonate motorcycle helmets.

Today the company offers motorcycle helmets for all sorts of riders. Nolan Group also makes X-Lite and Grex motorcycle helmet brands. X-lite is Nolan Group's racing brand. Grex helmets are meant for riders "looking for good value for money." Nolan Group owns N-Com--a brand of motorcycle communication systems.

Nolan Helmets

Nolan Helmets are entirely constructed in Nolan Group's facilities in Italy--not a single component of Nolan helmets is outscored to other companies or countries. Nolan helmets come in a variety of styles but the most popular is the Nolan flip-up ( or modular) helmet. The flip-up Nolan helmets offer an easy quick-release system that allows you to quickly switch between full-face and open-face mode. Many Nolan helmets feature Nolan's proprietary Microlock retention system. Moderately priced, Nolan helmets are very comfortable and the feel rivals that of high-end motorcycle helmets like Shoei and Arai.

Many motorcycle racers use Nolan helmets. In 2007, three world champions wore Nolan: Jorge Lorenzo, World Champion 250cc; Casey Stoner, World Champion MotoGP; and Mike Ahola, World Chapion Enduro.

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